Find Your Lupine Field

Aspen sets some pretty high happy standards with her sheer amount of tail wags, romping barks, and play bows. Let’s take a look back at her year as we strive to be as happy as Aspen in a lupine field.


Life goals.

Don’t be afraid to look like a goof-nugget.  


Or at least humor your mother from time to time.

Spend time with those you love in places you love. 


At least one trip a year to our happy place – the Eastern Sierra.

Do the things you love.


Even though Aspen has no warm fur coat or furry paws for frolicking in the snow, she won’t let that dampen her love for fresh powder.

Adventuring is better when you’re healthy and rested.


Aspen is a firm believer of giving it 110% or passing out in a pile of legs, not much inbetween.

Try new things.


One of Aspen’s favorite places for a catnap while adventuring is a bush. I decided to try it while out at Shuteye Ridge – not too shabby actually!

Explore new places, near and far from home. 


This summer took us all the way to Colorado. We also explored new places in our beloved Sierra Nevada on a hike to Melissa Coray Peak.

Put these tips from my adventure pup into practice and you, too, can be as happy as Aspen in a lupine field.

Here’s looking at you 2018,
Trails and Aspen

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