2018 Priorities

It’s not that I don’t want people to keep their resolutions…I just want to be able to find a parking spot at the climbing gym on a weeknight. Rather than set resolutions this year, I’m going to start planning adventures. I’m really good at filling up my calendar months in advance, so this year I’m setting adventure priorities.

Backpack to something and climb it. 


Preferably in the Wind River Range this fall, but the Eastern Sierra has sufficient backup options.

Backpack in the Sawtooth Mountains. 


Squirrel and I are due for a backcountry adventure. It may be a new kind of adventure with a toddler or we may run away for a ladies weekend, we’ll find out this summer.

Explore nature with my nieces.


Calling it a hike may be generous with a toddler and an infant, but we shall go forth and explore!

Climb Bear’s Reach. 


I’m going to use my momma bear reach to send this 5.7!

Four-wheel Barrett Lake.


If Mother Nature permits the gates to open this year. #TreadLightly

You’re shaping up nicely 2018.


3 responses to “2018 Priorities

  1. I don’t really go in for resolutions. I will, however, always use the new year as a chance to set goals, and let me say I think these sound like really dang good goals/plans! Thanks for sharing!

  2. The eastern Sierras, Wyoming and Idaho could easily fill the year. I’d love to join you! It’s all God’s country.

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