Powder Hound

It may not seem logical to you, but there’s a distinct line when water flows from an abomination to pure bliss. That line is ruffly 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thankfully Trails realizes my staunch feelings on the subject. Well, for the most part, except for those blasted baths… I don’t think she understands how hard it is to attain that mixture of earth, dog slobber, and decomposing matter. I’m getting distracted – you’d think a squirrel ran by!

My point is, snow really gets my tail wagging! I don’t know why my humans need all these different devices to play in the snow, but if it means powder I’ll be part of that pack!

We wandered around Yuba Gap where I caught snowballs with my new friend Champ.


Snow!!!!! And my new friend Champ.

The other day Trails took me on a snowshoe hike with a goal – Andesite Peak. Ooohhh doggy, 3.7 miles of snow hiking! I’m glad we didn’t see any of those snow noise machines, but I was sure glad to have their tracks to walk in when my dogs started barking! We didn’t actually make it to the tippy top, but there were clouds to the north, so we just enjoyed the rest of the view and then followed our scent back down.


Looking jaunty on cloud nine headed to Andesite Peak.


Click for larger map.

For one trip to the snow, the humans strapped these long sticks to their feet. You’d think Trails was a newborn fawn learning how to walk! But once she got the hang of it, we could go faster than just hiking around. Tahoe Meadows is full of friendly powder hounds and tons of space to sniff around.


Cross-country two sticking – we’re moving now!

After all of that adventuring, one of my human friends made a powder hound sculpture! If it’s supposed to resemble a certain adventure pup, the hunches are a bit large if you ask me…but how many pups can say they’ve inspired a snowdog?!



See you on the slopes!

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