Intimate With The Eastern Sierra

We like exploring new places. That’s evident based on the maps and guidebooks dominating our bookshelf. While racking up the miles on our cars or jet setting across the ocean can be invigorating, getting to know a place intimately is rewarding too.

While we return to the Eastern Sierra time and again, no trip is the same. There’s always a different heart-pounding adventure and a new breathtaking vista. We may stop by our favorite brewery or soak in that secluded hot spring, but every trip holds a special place in the travelog. 

We rang in the New Year with a trip to the Eastern Sierra and per usual, couldn’t go wrong.


We discovered a new campsite with a view.


Packed a bit of holiday spirit. 


Explored a new area – Alabama Hills.


I highly recommend Alabama Hills for climbing – we had a whole wall to ourselves over the holidays. The frigid temperatures may have had something to do with it, but that’s what a puffy jacket and belay gloves are for…


We returned to the trail out of Twin Lakes in a different season – you can take the climber snowshoeing, but he’s still going to climb.


The trail out of Twin Lakes in Hoover Wilderness is gorgeous year-round. Now on to the next adventure!


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