2016 Blooper Reel

Most folks are giving 2016 a big middle finger, but if I put my blinders on for a moment and just look at this year in adventure, it was amazing and challenging at the same time. I took up rock climbing, went on a DIY adventure-pup gear spree, and found more happy places. An appreciation for the simple things and our ability to laugh at ourselves always keeps things entertaining.

Photo bomb of the year.


These powder hounds had a blast in their matching jackets when we visited Boise.

Those simple things I mentioned…


Step 1. Backpack Lake Aloha 2. Drink beer from Echo Lake store 3. Make beer tower 4. Video it toppling over 5. Watch repeatedly in slow-mo

Ugh, humans…


Hike, acclimate, ride 72 miles around Lake Tahoe.

Sharing is for suckers.


I hope to have more Hiking With Harper trips soon, but based on these expressions, we may have to take two cars…

Selfie of the year – surviving a divorcycle in Bend.


“No matter where your relationship is going, you’ll get there faster on a tandem.” – Wise Person

Nature is punny.


Ha! Keep out, sensitive Aspens in Sabrina Basin.

Went to Kaua’i – didn’t get sunburnt.


It may look like I need ALL of the aloe, but don’t worry, that’s just what happens when I run in humid environments.

Oh, and that time I published a book.


Typical photo shoot with Aspen.

Keep laughing,
Trails and Aspen

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