An Unplanned Exit To A Remarkable Moment

Aspen and I recently ventured to Boise, Idaho on a road trip. While the sun was shinning when we loaded up, the forecast over Highway 80 looked daunting. As we climbed higher into the mountains the clouds began to dominate the sky and eventually blotted out the sun. Aspen lay sprawled across the backseat looking up with concern/annoyance whenever the blazed tire tracks in the road took us over a rumble strip.


However, while the storm got caught on the western face of the Sierras, we did not. Once we passed Truckee the sky turned blue and my powder hound needed to make some fresh tracks.

I took the next exit searching for a spot to let her run around for a minute, but the roads were bordered by feet of snow with nowhere to park. As we twisted and turned farther from the freeway, we happened upon a vista point above a reservoir where the pavement turned to snow.


A river of water flowed through the otherwise frozen Boca Reservoir and snow piled around us. Aspen jumped out of the car, nose high sniffing what the winter’s storm had laid out before us.


I slipped on my winter boots, grabbed my puffy coat, and we left the pavement behind.


Aspen trotted through the snow leaving paw prints for me to follow. Finally, she couldn’t contain her excitement anymore and took off, her outburst was contagious. We ran along the snowy road bordered by white dusted trees. She jumped back and forth between the tire tracks snatching bites of snow from the bank as she ran by. It may have only been a short jog, but watching her joy gave me a runner’s high.


Take an unplanned exit on your next road trip; it may lead you to a remarkable moment.


Safe travels,
Trails and Aspen

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