Slick Rock 4WD Trail


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On a map the Slick Rock four-wheel drive trail may just be a hashed-squiggly line labeled 7N17. However, look at the map key for more details: high clearance, 4WD road, not suitable for passenger cars.


The Jeep on Slick Rock

The Slick Rock 4WD trail is off Highway 4 in the Stanislaus National Forest. My family belongs to the Joaquin Jeepers, the four-wheel drive club that adopted the trail. Last Sunday my dad, Aspen, and I went on a trail maintenance run with the club to install  erosion control at a river crossing.

As for the trail itself, it isn’t for the faint of heart, but it also doesn’t require expertise as long as you’re in good company. Talking with my dad, a seasoned four-wheeler, he rated the trail mostly a two with some sections of three – on a difficulty scale of one to five. With my dad’s guidance I even took the wheel for part of the trail.

If you venture onto the Slick Rock 4WD trail remember to Tread Lightly!


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