Choose Your Own Adventure: Try a New Activity

You want me to paddle a class two rapid in a canoe?! Ha ha… You’re kidding right? No, no, no. I am a land-based recreationist. Sure I’ll jump in an alpine lake, but I don’t think there are too many long jams or currents to trap me in said log jams in alpine lakes…4_JamesRiver

However, I’ll try just about anything once so I took a deep breath, cinched my life jacket like a corset, became one with the canoe, and paddled like a great white shark was on our tail. We made it through the rapid unscathed!

Last week I visited my friend in Virginia who relocated for a job with the James River Association. I wanted to experience the river that lured her away from the West Coast and mountains with tree lines. For me, that meant trying something new and out of my comfort zone.

I am glad I did. Being on a river gave me an opportunity to see nature from a new vantage point and work a new set of muscles. Halfway through the trip she even convinced me to try my paddle at steering. We very tactfully switched places in the canoe, I learned the basics on flat water, and then took on a class one rapid. It felt awesome to challenge myself.

I still prefer strapping on my backpack over a life jacket, but I’d be keen to pick up a paddle again. Now it’s your turn to choose your own adventure – and this time, try a new one. And don’t forget to report back on how it goes!

Good luck!

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