Cathole With A View

The search for a perfect cathole location is similar to the search for the perfect home. There’s a list of must-have qualities and there’s a list of nice to have qualities. For example, you must be 200 feet from water and deep organic soil is nice for easy digging, but sometimes it’s all rocks.

Cathole view in Caribou Basin.

Cathole view in Caribou Basin.

Uncharted discreat territory is a must, if you think you found the perfect cathole location, it’s possible someone else had the same discovery. Look for sticks poking out of the ground or rocks that look purposefully placed and avoid them!! When you’re done, please return the warning favor. A lack of biting insects is a huge bonus, but not always realistic. If you want to camp at a lake in spring, you’re just going to have to swat buzzing bugs away while you’re in that vulnerable position. Leave No Trace likes talking about pooping in the woods as much as I do; pick up a few more tips on disposing of waste properly.

Cathole view in Convict Creek Canyon.

Cathole view in Convict Creek Canyon.

The right tools are essential to a relaxing cathole experience. In the past, I used rocks or sticks for digging, but in an urgent situation, the Deuce of Spades is worth its weight in gold. Wait…at .6 ounces that’s a terrible idiom to describe how valuable this trowel is. Keep the number one rule in mind – no matter what trowel you use, it only touches dirt! I also pack hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and a duct taped ziplock to pack out trash discreetly. Or there are natural options such as smooth stones, snow, or friendly vegetation.

Once you’ve found your cathole in the sun, look around, because odds are you won’t miss your magazine or smartphone – squat down and enjoy the view!

Do you have a favorite cathole location?

Happy Digging,

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