Connection To Nature

Big rocks, big tires, friendly camaraderie, tall pine trees, and granite mountains. I spent last weekend at Sierra Trek, a Cal4Wheel event. This had me reminiscing about where my connection to nature began – along a dusty jeep trail.

Sierra Trek on Fordyce Trail

I grew up hiking across the Sierra Nevadas, four-wheeling over granite boulders, and swimming in ice-cold alpine lakes. My family of four, plus a dog or two, fit in a tiny tent, that I’m pretty sure is smaller than the backpacking tent I have now. I hiked the trail in front of the jeeps, collecting discarded tire weights, and jumping in my dad’s Bronco to ford the water crossings. We’d gather around the campfire with friends at night to share stories and enjoy the firelight dance across the trees. These experiences shaped me into the person I am today – an advocate for adventure and Mother Nature.

The family on the trail

What sparked your connection to nature?


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