Worst Mail Route, Best Mailbox View

Destination: Mailbox Peak
Mileage: 7.3 miles round trip
Trailhead: Snoqualmie Region/North Bend Area – Mailbox Peak off I-90
Elevation: 787 to 4,822 feet

Fun fact – the first mailbox was delivered by an actual letter carrier. Fortunately for the Postal Service, the only folks that complete this mail route are hikers. Although on a clear day, the 4,000 foot quad-burning ascent is worth the view. Compass and I made a loop out of this adventure by ascending the old trail, where when trying to decide between three trail options the answer to, “which one is it?” was always, “UP!” Then we descended the new trail with its wealth of knee-pleasing switchbacks. I’ll let Washington Trails Association tell you more about the actual hike with their full description and updated trail reports. For the complete back story on the origin of Mailbox Peak visit Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust’s article.


Back to this mailbox… What does one leave in a mailbox with such a view? After all that hard work it needs to be something congratulatory, inspirational, and/or worthwhile. The can of Rainier beer someone stashed in the mailbox fit the bill of congratulatory. This left me with two options, but when I need inspirational I borrow from John Muir or Rachel Carson. Wanting something unique on the back of my California tree-hugging postcard, a lightbulb went off and I thought of the perfect idea. The only thing I needed was a larger postcard…so with the tiniest handwriting I could manage while remaining legible, I scrawled the lyrics to, “Hiking’ On A Trail.” This is a song Squirrel and I adapted to the tune of Bon Jovi’s “Livin’ On A Prayer.” If you aren’t delivering mail to the peak anytime soon, I included the lyrics below for your enjoyment.

Mailbox Peak view of Mount Rainier

“Hikin’ On A Trail”
By Squirrel and Trails

On a mountain top, not so long ago

Hikers like to bag lots of peaks
Packed a map and compass, taking switchbacks ‘cause
It’s steep, so steep

Hand fulls of trail mix all day
Gotta get the carbs to go all the way
to summit, mmm, to summit

Guide says drink the water we’ve got
It doesn’t matter if we’re tired or not
We’ve got good views and that’s a lot
Keep climbin’, to reach the top!

Oh, we’re halfway there
Oh oh, hikin’ on a trail
Grab your pack, we’re almost there
Oh oh, hikin’ on a trail

Heard some rustling in a bush
Now it’s getting’ closer, look what it is
A bear, mmm, and its cubs

The hikers want to run away
We’re full of fright, the guide whispers
“it’s ok, slowly back away”

We gotta hold on to the food we’ve got
It doesn’t matter if the bear is hungry or not
It’s got its berries and that’s enough
For wildlife, we’ll use a bear box!

Oh, we’re halfway there
Oh oh, hikin’ on a trail
Grab your pack, we’re almost there
Oh oh, hikin’ on a trail
Hikin’ on a trail!

Lace up your boots ready or not
You live for the hike when you want to reach the top

Oh, we’re halfway there
Oh oh, hikin’ on a trail
Grab your pack, we’re almost there
Oh oh, hikin’ on a trail
(repeat two more times)

Thank you for the beat Bon Jovi.


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