No Flem About It

Destination: Fleming Meadow Trail System
Mileage: 5.17 miles
Trailhead: Fleming Meadow off Mormon Emigrant Trail near Hwy 50
Elevation: 3,754 to 4,143 feet

Aspen is a natural, made for sprinting. Me? I’m pretty sure I strained a muscle…in my hand…from pumping the brakes the whole way down a hill.

Aspen and I took Mount Huxley out for his inaugural mountain bike ride at the Fleming Meadow Trail System Monday. A weekday at Fleming Meadow was perfect for beginners. We only saw three other groups the whole ride and all were on foot. I’m not sure how Aspen is going to react to another biker shredding down a hill toward us, but I’m glad we didn’t have to encounter that our first time out. Plus we could mix and match Forest Service roads with single track trails. As a newbie, I’ll admit the roads were my favorite because Aspen could run next to me and I wasn’t worried about the next root or rock. I’m pretty sure any mountain biker reading this just cringed, but I’m a newbie! Give me time and I’ll take on the rocks and roots. In the meantime, Aspen and I were having a blast on the green runs.


I also learned two important things on this ride. First, bring more water than you think you’ll need. I certainly got a workout, but Aspen was running the entire time! She definilty drank more water than on our usual expeditions. And good news – my brakes work! If your breaks are in good working order they are VERY responsive. You’ll want to use just one finger on each or when your adventure pup makes a sudden stop or turn and you grab the breaks you’ll likely end up flying over the handle bars from your extremely sudden stop. Thankfully that is not a lesson I learned from experience, but one that is valid none-the-less.

If you’re looking for more mountain biking insight, view the Fleming Meadow Loop on MTBProject courtesy of IMBA (International Mountain Bicycling Association). The USDA Forest Service also has a trail system map and area information.

Don’t forget a cold brew for post trip on the southern shore of Jenkinson Lake.


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