Brunch, Bikes, And Brews

Sunday brunch is a great start to the day. There’s no arguing that point, it’s just a fact. I love the crepes at Cafe Dantorels – another fact. So when Compass and I were planning our Sunday bike adventure, this was an obvious starting point. The menu is full of great options; we opted to split a Benedict and a banana crepe. After fueling up, we made a quick stop at City Bicycle Works to rent Compass a road bike; for some reason he didn’t want to ride my hybrid cruiser all the way to Folsom…

Once road bike-equipped, we found our way along the city streets to the American River Parkway. I love the mixture of people along the Parkway from the usual joggers and bikers to the rollerbladers and finally the kayakers once we reached Lake Natoma. Our total bike ride was 2 hours and 22 minutes to pedal 24.5 miles.

American River Parkway Map and Bike Photo

Once in Historic Folsom, we found ourselves in front of The Fat Rabbit Public House. A friend recommended The Fat Rabbit the night before so in we went. We enjoyed our drinks and all; but I have to say, what kind of Bloody Mary only comes with lemon as a garnish? Where was the rest of my drink/appetizer?! I just climbed 452 feet for a slice of lemon? Since nothing on the menu was calling to us, we finished up there and then hustled over to Samuel Horne’s Tavern to see what other pub fair the historic district had to offer. They did not disappoint! This time we split a salad and the Johnny Cash burger with tots – you can never go wrong with tots. Plus their draught board is a sight to behold, full of unique options with stats letting you know how dark and hoppy each one is.

After 24.5 miles and three drinks each we didn’t have the energy or time to ride back to Sacramento to turn in the rental. Thankfully there is a light rail station in Historic Folsom! I will note this light rail station currently only takes cash in exact amounts. No credit card option these days caught us off guard so we had to pedal over to an ATM a block away and then get change from The Fat Rabbit and speed back in time for the train.

Brunch – check. Bikes – check. Brews – check, check, check. I’d call this a successful Sunday!


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