Arnold Rim Trail

1. Aspen and me overlooking the canyon 2. Click for a larger map 3. Follow the trail markers! 4. Falls overlooking indeed!

1. Canyon overlook 2. Click for a larger map 3. Follow the trail markers 4. Falls overlooking indeed!

The Arnold Rim Trail (ART) off Highway 4 is great for mountain biking. It’s physically challenging with some technical areas – plus at times you’re at the same level as the raptors soaring by! If you bike the ART from start to finish it’s a little more than 10 miles, but you have the option to extend your ride to 17 miles by continuing on the San Domingo section. Use caution if you ride the full 17 miles, as parts of the San Domingo section are under construction and the trail is extremely narrow. Also, if you start at the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum trailhead there is a very challenging uphill after mile three – it is advised to take the detour that cuts south to Forest Service roads for a more manageable climb.

The ART is great on foot and paw too! Aspen, Basil, and I chose a geocaching hike as our adventure. We dropped the bikers off at the Sierra Nevada Logging Museum and picked up Donkeys and Chainsaws and Shays! Oh My! Then drove to the trailhead off Lakemont to begin our 5-mile hike. We picked up Puma in the Hat while enjoying the view from the Top of the World then headed north to The Widow Maker for another amazing view. I will note Aspen went on leash as we approached this cache as a misstep could be a DOOZY! Please note that is my sarcastic way of saying if Aspen took off after a squirrel she could end up over the side of a cliff falling to certain doom.

After that we headed down the steep hill – I cautioned about earlier – Wildlife 4-8 and company biked up. The whole time I was thinking you’d have to be crazy to bike up this! Then since we had some extra time we went north at the bottom of the hill to the San Antonio Falls overlook. At first we didn’t see a waterfall and thought it must be dry, but then I explored (with Aspen on leash again) past the fire scarred rock and found the overlook. The views just didn’t quit!

Now if you’ll excuse me, Aspen needs a bath as she still has a cloud of Bear Clover smell radiating from her romp in the forest.


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