2014 Adventure Resolutions

Go to the gym more (I’d have to have a membership first), drink less (that’s silly), and eat healthy (I think I do a pretty good job of that now).  I find resolutions to be more fun and attainable when they are focused on adventures! With that in mind, I saw a list meant to inspire resolutions and adapted it to adventures. Here we go:

MacGyver some pants or check a gear list

Check a gear list or MacGyver some pants

– A bad habit to break: Not checking a gear list before a trip. You would think after the first time I forgot my hiking pants I would start checking a gear list. Nope – forgot them again. At least the second time I had shorts so I didn’t have to lead that Leave No Trace course in my long johns and bandana skirt.

– A new skill to learn: Orienteering! I carry a compass and can find cardinal directions. However, I haven’t been able to wrap my mind around declination and bearings.

– A person I hope to be more like: I’m always trying to be more like Bigfoot! He is the ultimate master of Leave No Trace. You can take the Bigfoot Challenge too!

– A good deed to do: Facilitate a Leave No Trace activity. Preferably lead a Trainer Course with the Tahoe Rim Trail Association.

– A book to read: We’re Off To See The Wilderness, The Wonderful Wilderness Of Awes: A hiker’s 2000-mile adventure journal of the Appalachian Trail By: M.E. “Postcard” Hughes, I’m pretty sure that title is as long as the AT, but I hear good things!

– A blog to write: Not so much a specific blog, but my goal is to have at least one dog-friendly adventure blog per month.

– A new food to try: Take cheese into the backcountry! Other backpackers may think this is a silly goal but I like my cheese fresh from the fridge. Sweaty cheese weirds me out and the cheese from the freeze-dried lasagna is just cement. I need to discover the wonders of cheese with a longer shelf life away from the fridge.

– A place to visit: New Zealand winter 2014! I want to celebrate the New Year in a different time zone and explore Milford Sound.

– A backpacking trip: Wildlife 4-8 has requested a fishing-focused backpacking trip. We’ve narrowed it down to Golden Trout Wilderness in the southern Sierras or Poison Creek in north-west Nevada. Fishing fans – stay tuned!

– A bike ride: A wine tasting tour around Lodi on road bikes!

2 responses to “2014 Adventure Resolutions

  1. Lodi wine tasting on road bikes? Well, if you want any company I know someone who would be interested! & all very much more enjoyable resolutions than “eat healthy”, especially New Zealand, that sounds amazing/crazy.

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