Choose Your Own Fun Run


1. Before and after 2. Great Warrior Wall 3. Diesel Dome 4. Cargo Climb 5. Muddy Mayhem!

There are a wide variety of fun runs out there, the one you choose depends on your definition of fun. Last weekend four of us survived the Warrior Dash in Northern California. We chose this run because we had to get our muddy hands on fuzzy warrior helmets.

This is the first mud run my three companions have done and they all had a blast. Good company, team prom theme, mud pit, and one free beer when you turn in your running time chip – can’t go wrong!

I’m a big fan of fun runs and am in search of my favorite one. The Warrior Dash was a great time, but I had a couple of complaints. Warrior Dash’s website advertised a bunch of intimidating obstacles, a lot of them water based, and I felt like we got the bottom-of-the-line obstacles. I know part of this is working with the location – very dry Sacramento Valley, but then make up for the lack of water obstacles with Leader’s Ledge or Vicious Valleys. Plus the after party was in a dirt field and it didn’t feel very organized. Again this is working with location, but I wanted more.

I’ve also completed the Big Sur Mud Run, I enjoyed the run, terrain, and obstacles but not the Army trainees yelling at me – I work better with encouragement not in-your-face yelling. However, I just learned 2013 was their last mud run, so I suppose that option is out.

For a less muddy run a few friends joined together to do the California International Marathon Relay Challenge. The length of a marathon is divided among a team of four. I recommend getting two teams together, then you can have a running buddy during your section of the marathon.

I’m still holding out hope that the Reno River Festival will bring back Run Amuck. The mud run was just a part of the larger river festival, which takes place along the Truckee River in downtown Reno – perfect location! Plus, there is a costume contest so everyone gets really creative with their outfits – not as creative as we were in 2012 though when we took home first place as the cast of Mario Kart!

Now to decide on a run for next year. Bottom line a group of friends, costumes, a manageable distance and you can sign me up! What fun runs have you completed? Any favorites?

Get dirty!

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