20 Lakes Basin

20 Lakes Basin

1. Aspen is ready to explore Lundy Pass 2. Click for large map 3. Let the Summerfest continue! 4. The hike along the west side of Saddlebag Lake

20 Lakes Basin has been on my to do list since last year; after we got a day-hike preview a couple weekends ago I can’t wait to go back! For our day hike we went along the west side of Saddlebag to Greenstone Lake, then to Hummingbird Lake and a view of Odell Lake, and then hiked back the east side of Saddlebag Lake.

Exploring this area as a backpacking trip has a variety of appeals:

– The 20 Lakes Basin loop is about an eight mile hike with no extreme elevation change. Keep in mind the trail is over 10,000 feet in elevation, which means thinner air and no campfires allowed.

– It’s one of the few places you can get the High Sierra Slam: rainbow, brooke, brown, and golden trout. I think between Wildlife 4-8 and I we can hit this one out of the park!

– 20 Lakes Basin is administered by National Forest, which means Aspen is welcome!

For the backpacking trip, we have a decision to make: do the 20 Lakes Basin loop in a night or two or make it a through hike starting at Saddlebag, head over Lundy Pass, follow Mill Creek down Lundy Canyon to exit, which requires two vehicles. Decisions…decisions…


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