Such Style, Such pStyle

The grand adventure to find a discreet place to pee is no more! I feel like a lot of ladies can relate, you walk a little way away from camp, hide behind a bush then realize you can see the neighboring campsite. Deeper into the woods stand behind a tree, hey look there’s the trail. Trek even farther into the woods stand behind a tree and there’s randomly someone’s bear bag hanging. Farther into the woods you go… You’ll still have that walk with a trowel, but hopefully that is a less frequent journey.

Guess what I’m doing. *Giggles uncontrollably*

My favorite piece of outdoor gear is my trusty pStyle. I pack it for any activity – hitting the slopes, the crag, the trail, or even the dance floor. That’s right, the pStyle even works with a romper if the legs are flowy or stretchy enough. I have one in my car at all times – because you never know.
There are a number of female urinary devices on the market, they all have the same goal of empowering ladies, trans-men, and non-binary folks to pee while standing up and fully dressed. I prefer the pStyle with the open-ended canoe style that handles a higher volume of liquid better than the traditional funnel.
Times I’ve grown to love my pStyle:
  • Wearing a climbing harness
  • Fending off mosquitoes and biting flies
  • Fending off the cold
  • Lack of cover
  • Gross out houses
  • Regular out houses
  • Avoiding practically undressing while wearing a romper

My pStyle and homemade case made with waterproof nylon.

Helpful tips for using a pStyle:
  • Stand on top of something like a rock or a stump and/or avoid peeing on hard surfaces, this helps avoid splatter on your shoes.
  • Take note of the wind direction.
  • Stand closer to the urinal than you think you’ll need to. Guys have the benefit of pressure where the pStyle is just working with gravity.
  • If water, snow, toilet paper are handy – give it a quick cleaning. If not, give it a flick of the wrist and let the water-repellent finish do the work. Please do this responsibly if indoors.
  • When you get home or if you’re on the road for a while, wash the pStyle and your container with mild soap every couple of days or more.
  • Practice in the shower first.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale fully. This helps me relax the muscles in my body that are screaming, “don’t pee, you’re standing up!”

Snow bibs got a bit tricky, but where there’s a will…

Trust me, it’s a game changer. Order your pStyle(s) and never adventure without it, lest you have to squat in the woods like a peasant.


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