My Best Adventure Partner – Aspen

I feel like every day should be National Camping With Dogs Day, but if a day must be marked on the calendar it was September 5 this year. I was nosing around on the Camping With Dogs website and found this fantastic blog post: 25 Reasons Dogs Make The Best Camping Companions. All reasons were spot on, but it got me thinking about why Aspen is the best adventure partner for me.

And let’s be honest, I’ll take any excuse to look back over our trips and fetch a few photos.

She’ll try anything at least once.

SUP pup

Until we fall off and I traumatize her for life…

She’s always ready to hit the trail.

Looking at maps

“Where to next Mom?!”

She improves the view.

Aspen improves landscapes

No matter how breathtaking a view is, Aspen will improve it – more scale, more cute, more likes.

Aspen reminds me to enjoy the little pleasures.

Enjoy the simple pleasures


She’s memorable to other hikers.

Aspen and Trails photo by Wildlife 4-8

While I joke about Aspen being an attention hog, it could prove useful should something ever happen to us in the backcountry – heaven forbid. Rescuers just need to ask hikers if they’ve seen a leggy skinny lab mix. Much more memorable than some blonde lady covered in dirt…

She’s up for all conditions.

Snow pup - photo by The Canadian

Except rain, which really just proves she’s definitely my adventure pup. That pup loves some frozen water though!

She’s my Goldilocks.

Hiking in Moab - photo by Wildlife 4-8

Not too big, not too small – she’s just right so that if I need to carry her I can.

We have a judgment-free relationship.

Aspen in tent

She won’t judge me for getting in the tent before the sun goes down – because she’s already in there.

Plus, Aspen is the best at selfies.

Selfie on Pilot Butte - photo by Terry Richard

So much so that we captured a spot on The Oregonian’s OregonLive in January 2015!

Why is your pup your best adventure companion?


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