Bringing Vitamin D To Seattle

I was exploring Seattle come rain or shine. However, I was thankful the California sun followed me north for the weekend and so was the rest of Seattle because they were out in droves.

Our day in the city started with breakfast at Serious Pie & Biscuit and then we headed toward the waterfront. My favorite shop was Metsker Maps, where a map addict such as myself could spend all day. After being asked to leave for drooling on all of the maps we walked around Pike Place Market enjoying the local produce, fish, and artisan booths. From there I wanted to meet the Fremont Troll for a photo opp. After a few snapshots it was just a short walk to Fremont Brewing. I wish Aspen was with me so she could have enjoyed the outdoor seating and played with the other pups.Seattle1But as you know, I need to explore the outdoors! The other two days included hiking through the greenest scenery I could find on the West Coast.

Destination: Murhut Falls
Mileage: 1.6 round trip
Trailhead: Murhut Trailhead in Duckabush Recreation Area off Hwy 101
Elevation: 800 to 1,050 feet

We started the day with breakfast at Biscuit Bitch; I had the Easy Bitch and a Seattle Fog. As the line out the door would indicate, the food is delicious and I returned the next day for another tea. The next stop on our Olympic Peninsula day was a quintessential Seattle experience – a ferry ride. We caught the ferry to Bremerton and drove north to catch Highway 101 south to the Duckabush Recreation Area for the hike to Murhut Falls.

Murhut Falls seems to be a locals’ destination, so if they ask don’t tell them I sent you. This quick trip was perfect for a day of exploring, a pleasant trail to stretch your legs with a 130-foot waterfall at the end. On the drive back to Seattle, I recommend stopping at a Tacoma brewery; I was label shopping and picked Odd Otter Brewing and was not disappointed.
Seattle2Destination: Rattlesnake Ledge
Mileage: 4 round trip
Trailhead: Snoqualmie Region/North Bend Area – Rattlesnake Lake parking lot, take exit 32 off I-90
Elevation: 918 to 2,078 feet

To get the full experience of Rattlesnake Ledge, you’ll want to hike it on a sunny day when you can fully appreciate the sweeping vista. However, that means the trail is going to be a stream of vitamin D-deficient Seattleites. There was even one running around the parking lot yelling, “It feels like summer!” I don’t think the sun has been out here in a while…

The hike up is a steady two-mile climb to an intersection where you turn right for Rattlesnake Ledge or if you want more adventure and some solitude you can continue to Middle or Upper Ledge. If you bring an adventure pup with you, be sure to pack a leash, the ledge has the obvious drop off plus various fissures waiting to claim a victim. Not to say this is a dangerous hike; it seemed like every other group had either a dog or a baby, just something to be aware of. Now go soak up some vitamin D!


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