Dog Days: Baker Beach

Baker Beach in San Francisco – where dogs and nude-sunbathers may run free. Well really the sunbathers stay to the north end of the beach while dogs have the run of the sand.

We pulled into the parking lot with our sunglasses on, the sea breeze coming in through the windows, and lucked out on a parking spot. We walked our leashed-pups to the beach and were welcomed by a buzz of dogs chasing tennis balls, frisbees, other dogs, etc. It was a social dog’s dream! I let Aspen off the leash and she sniffed around meeting all sorts of new friends – short ones, shaggy ones, playful ones, and my personal favorite, old dignified ones.

Dogs playing on Baker BeachWe walked toward the Golden Gate Bridge and stayed just south of the dividing line of clothed folks and nude-sunbathers, finding an open spot of sand. Aspen and Quigley had a blast running around on the beach. However, it was a bit stressful for my chica having to wrangle her nine-month old pup every time a new dog strolled by. We had a great visit to the beach and the view of the bridge with the Marin Headlands beyond will be hard to beat, but I think our off-leash beach search shall continue. Perhaps a less popular one.

Surfs Up,

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