All I Want For Christmas Are My Trekking Poles

My Christmas list is primarily made up of outdoorsy items including Mountain Hardwear’s  Trekkin Insulated MiniSkirt and the Deuce of Spades. There are two ways to go about asking Santa for items on your list. With Wildlife 4-8 I went the direct route – pulled up the skirt on his internet browser, said this is what I want for Christmas, and informed him the sale ended tomorrow.

If you’d like to go a subtler route, you could try one or more of these tactics:

Christmas List Cough – I think I feel a cough coming on. While you’re sitting on the couch with beau *couhikingbootsgh*. Getting ready for bed *coubikepedalsgh*. Driving in the car *couguidebookgh*. If they just keep giving you cough drops, you may need to move on to the next tactic.

Magazine Amazement – While looking through the recently-arrived editors choice issue of your favorite magazine with beau, fawn over the item you hope to find under the tree. Something like, “Wow this Selk’bag Sleepwear System looks amazing! It would be great for camping, pretending I’m walking on the moon, or when we refuse to turn the heat on this winter! That blue would really match my eyes…”

Social Media Hints – These days the options are practically limitless! Post links on Facebook, make a wish list board on Pinterest, Instagram a photo at the store with the caption, “I wish!”

Take a Trip Instead – The other option is to forget all of that scheming and spend the holiday budget on a trip! A fun family trip, a romantic couple getaway, a gathering of friends, etc. Wildlife 4-8 and I are exchanging a couple of smaller items and then heading to Bend, Oregon for an epic winter adventure – can’t wait!!

Let It Snow,

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