Thankful For The Little Things

Whenever I venture into the outdoors I’m thankful for towering trees, craggy mountains, and glacier-blue lakes, but I feel the little things don’t get enough credit. With that said, on this day of thanks, I wanted to give credit where credit is due.

I am thankful for maps! They help when I’m lost in the wilderness and they help me get lost while sitting in my living room planning my next trip. Too many maps? That’s not a thing.

I am thankful for Cheeseburger Birds. If I must call them by their real name – Mountain Chickadees. When I hear their cheese-burgery call, I know I’m in my happy place high in the Sierra.

Tent pole splintI am thankful for my tent pole splint. Sure sure duct tape and a stick will do the job just fine. My tent pole broke airing out in my spare room so I invested in this little gem. Then while setting my tent up on our tenth day hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail I heard that heart-sinking metallic rip. Have no fear! I quickly unfastened my rain fly – saving it from certain death – unhooked the tent pole and slipped this bad boy on and we had shelter once more. Try fixing a tent pole in 60 seconds flat with duct tape and a stick. Not happening.

I am thankful for bear canisters. How many backpackers does it take to hang a bear bag? Too many. That’s what I say anyway. If you’re a bear bag hanging expert, I invite you to do a guest blog and give us laymen tips. In the meantime, I’m sticking with my Bear Vault. I love the clear and straight sides, which makes it easy to locate things and easy to pack. At the end of the night, screw the lid on, walk at least 100 yards away from camp, wedge it between rocks safely away from cliffs or water, and call it a night! One more tip – the trick to easy opening is a small pointy rock.

I am thankful for my sleeping bag liner. This might be my favorite “luxury” item. It adds a few degrees of warmth to my sleeping bag. During the warmer months it’s nice to throw my sleeping bag off and still have a light layer. I’m thankful most of all for the soft layer between my sticky-sweaty skin from hiking all day and the nylon lining on my wonderful sleeping bag; keeping me happy and my bag clean.

What are you thankful for?

Gobble, gobble!

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