Take A Hike!

JedediahSmithLoopDestination: Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail Loop
Mileage: 5.1 miles
Trailhead: American River Parkway – Watt Avenue Access ($5 parking fee)
Elevation: 50 feet +/-

Happy Take A Hike Day! Aspen and I celebrated by taking an urban hike earlier this week. In an effort to explore closer to home and get some leash time for Aspen we chose the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail Loop. The majority of the hike was along a paved route, but the horse path weaved on and off the pavement so we were able to get some actual trail time.

One bonus to urban hiking is the yummy food a few blocks away. After the hike we drove down Fair Oaks Boulevard to Fins Market & Grill – delicious fish tacos and fish and chips!

At the moment there is some construction along the hiking route adding to the usual mileage. There are also some great fall colors popping now, so take a hike!


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