What’s In Your S’more?

Most of my adventure treats consist of sour gummy worms and instant cheesecake, but if there’s a campfire burning I like to see what I can add to my s’mores to take them to the next deliciously-gooey level. Here are a few that I’ve tried:
Traditional – your choice of chocolate for a good old fashion s’more.

Peanut Butter Makes Everything Better – Slather on some peanut butter or stack a travel-friendly Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup to make a delicious s’more.

Berry Delicious – Either choose a raspberry-filled chocolate or actual raspberries for a fruit-rich s’more. I haven’t tried this with any other berries, but I don’t see how you could go wrong with blackberries.

Minty Fresh – Choose your favorite mint chocolate whether it’s Andes or Ghirardelli for a nice refreshing s’more.

To be honest, I’ll typically pass on traditional s’mores, but fancy them up and I’m in! This post has me thinking about what I can add to the mix at the next campfire…coconut, caramel, or maybe even tabasco!

What is your favorite s’mores addition?


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