Spork In The Trail: Backcountry Breakfast (for dinner)

I love breakfast for dinner. That doesn’t stop just because I’m toting a 30-something pound pack around in the woods. However, I was nervous to delve into this dish as I’ve only heard bad things about dehydrated eggs. Enter crystallized eggs! I’m calling this recipe a success since Squirrel’s exact words were, “these taste like real eggs!”

At home: Pick your favorite veggies and dehydrate them. Pack them in a zip lock with the spices. Decide on serving size for both the hashbrowns and eggs – see instructions on the packages. Package both of them separately, on the egg bag note how much water to add and put the hashbrowns in a freezer bag. I say freezer bag as I feel comfortable putting boiling water in freezer bags. Don’t forget to use a waterproof container for the olive oil!

On the trail: Breakfast prep starts at, you guest it, breakfast! Cover your dehydrated veggies with water and double bag them with the hashbrown bag to avoid leakage in your pack. See you at dinner! Note, if you want to carry a nonstick pan your hashbrowns will be more crispy than ours were. However, we didn’t want to carry the extra pan but the undercooked hashbrowns were delicious none-the-less. Back to the kitchen, boil enough water to cover the hashbrowns and let stand for 12 minutes. Throw lots of oil in the pan and don’t stop stirring! Cook until you’re happy with the results and set aside. Add the crystalized eggs to the pan and the cold water – stir until blended. Cook per usual. Once the eggs are nearing the end throw the veggies in! Once everything is cooked, blend together, add in hot sauce, and enjoy!

Hmm now to add bacon…

2 responses to “Spork In The Trail: Backcountry Breakfast (for dinner)

  1. Mmm, dried potato product and crystallized eggs. How did you two think of this? I’ll admit I am intrigued, even, if the Huevos Rancheros from backcountry pantry was no bueno. Homemade (home assembled?) might be better in this case?

  2. Crystallized eggs were mentioned in Backpacker, with the notion that they tasted like real eggs so I had to test it! I’m almost curious to find out how bad dehydrated eggs really taste. Key word being almost…

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