How To Make A Map Wallet

Map walletI loved my map wallet to pieces – literarily. I’ve had to ask cashiers for tape to hold it together just a little bit longer for a couple months now. After two years of trusty service I’ve decided it’s time to make a new one. This leads to my first attempt at a how to blog – be kind.

There are many benefits to a map wallet: light weight, cheap, cashiers give you lots of complements, and if you get lost when in the area that your map covers you’re set! To start, keep an eye out at your local outdoorsy store for maps on clearance. While you can use any type of paper really, my favorite is the waterproof and tearproof maps.

Steps to make a map wallet:

1. Gather materials: map, scissors, ruler, pencil, and tape of choice.
2. Pick your favorite part of the map and cut it 9 x12 inch.
3. Fold in half hamburger style with the side you want showing on the outside. Then fold the two ends into the middle so there are 1/4 sections in your paper.
4. Unfold map completely and fold one end to up to the opposite 1/4 fold. Then fold in half hotdog style with the short paper on the outside. Cut a triangle on the folded edge below the closest 1/4 line – this is the hole where your ID, credit cards, and such go.

Map Wallet Visual Instructions

5. Unfold map, cut 1/4 inch cuts on both sides of all three of the 1/4  folds. Fold the eight flaps in to give them a crease. Then fold the two outside 1/4 sections in to the middle and one more time so it looks like a wallet.
6. This step is a bit tricky to explain, but I think the picture with the labels will help. I’ve numbered each of the flaps to help. Fold flaps one and three in. Fold flap two over flap three. Then fold flap four over flap two. If done correctly, this should inclose one side of the wallet.
7. Repeat with the other side. Next, fold your wallet in half (I think this still classifies as hamburger style since it’s the fatter of the folds) so the diamond is on the inside. At this point you don’t technically need tape, the wallet is functional as is, but let’s not chance it – on to step eight!
8. This step depends on the type of paper you used. For the waterproof/tearproof paper I just tape the ends and diamond opening with regular household-tape. For a map wallet made with paper that isn’t any-sort-of-proof I use packing tape on all surfaces – tape that puppy up! I prefer the former because it’s lighter weight for holding the essentials while backpacking, but really what do a few more strips of tape weigh? So it’s up to you!

Good luck!


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