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A week ago I boarded a plane to explore New York – the Big Apple and Upstate. A bit far from my usual West Coast adventures, but I figure the adventure was worth a couple of blog posts – including The Empire State – Top 10. I’ll start with tools, while exploring New York City I downloaded two essential apps and one that was a waste, of course it was the one I paid for – typical.

Hop Stop – (free) If traveling via public transportation in NYC you need to download this app. It’s so simple, enter your destination and the app will give you multiple routes that will get your from point A to point B. Pick the ideal route and it brings up step by step directions. I will advise, once you have the step by step directions for traveling the subway on your phone do not close that screen while underground because service disappears with the sky. Plus the app has a map of the subway system, which can help get a better understanding of where you’re traveling.

Central Park – (free) This app is great for exploring Central Park. It has a database with all the bridges, statues, photo opportunities, playgrounds, and more. This database can be accessed by category or map. My major frustration was that the map didn’t show my location. However, after we left NYC I discovered I was a dummy and didn’t realize the location services for this particular app was off. For iPhones, to ensure your location services are on go to settings – privacy – location services – scroll down to Central Park app and insure it’s on/green. Then you’re free to explore!

The High Line – ($1.99) The High Line was amazing, this app was not. I was hoping for fun facts and a map pointing out interesting things as I walked The High Line. While exploring the website I discovered that all of the original tracks were removed, mapped, tagged, and stored. Then the tracks were incorporated into the landscaping. Awesome fun fact! Nothing like that on the app… Parts of it only worked on iPads. I didn’t even look at the app once while we were walking The High Line. I recommend exploring the fun facts on The High Line website, put those facts in your memory bank, and then spout off random facts to your friends while strolling along the path.

It’s boarding time – see you back out West!

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