Genoa’s Eagle Ridge Loop

Click for a larger map and the view from Eagle Ridge Loop trail

Click for a larger map and the view from Eagle Ridge Loop trail

Destination: Eagle Ridge Loop
Mileage: 6.2 round trip
Trailhead: Jacks Valley Rd and Centennial Dr in Genoa, NV
Elevation: 4,780 up to 5,860 feet

The day after our Red Lake Peak snowshoe we were in the Minden area in search of a less snowy adventure. Yoshi suggested we explore the Genoa Trail System while the guys mountain biked the Pine Nut Mountains.

We decided on the Eagle Ridge Loop at 6.2 miles. We parked at Jacks Valley Road and Centennial Drive. To make this trail a loop part of the hike is along roads, thankfully they are not busy and have great views.  It was late morning when we started and I was glad we started with the stretch on the roads because even though it was only March it was getting warm quickly.

Once we got on the actual trail we were able to let the dogs off leashes. Be sure to keep them under control when off leash, this is a multi-use trail and we crossed paths with both bikers and horseback riders.

I really enjoyed this trail, there was some elevation gain/loss, but not excessive, the views of Carson Valley were enjoyable, and it was easily accessible. Plus, after the hike we stopped in Genoa and got homemade ice cream from the Genoa Country Store. If you’re in the mood for something with alcohol content head across the street to the Genoa Bar – either way, it’s a nice post-hike treat.



One response to “Genoa’s Eagle Ridge Loop

  1. Thank you for the tip! We’ll be at Wally’s Hot Springs in a couple of weeks and need a backup plan if it’s too windy for road biking.

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