Organize Possible Adventures

If you’re anything like me, you have a pile of magazine clippings a few inches thick – good luck remembering what’s in that pile and actually finding it when needed. Enter Google Maps! I have an accordion folder with labels including: local, neighboring states, the rest of the US, and international. As I file the clippings I add them to my Adventure To Do List map with a quick blurb, photo, and where the clip is filed. That way when I’m traveling to, let’s say, southern Utah I can go to my map and find places I may want to include on my adventure.

To create your own Google Map you will need a Google account. Once you’re at Google Maps, in the bottom right-hand corner you’ll see a button with a question mark and just to the right of that a button with a wheel cog – click it. One of the options is my places, then find the create map button on the left side. From there explore the different options and have fun organizing!


If you are on Pinterest, you know it’s more than quilt patterns and crock-pot recipes. It’s actually a great place to organize websites for random trip ideas or when planning a specific trip. Just look below at some of the pinteresting things I’ve found for our New Zealand trip so far! I love how visual the pins are and that you can write your own little notes on each one. When you pin something a little window pops up telling you another board that website has been pinned on – which may lead to more relevant websites. Also, various organizations have Pinterest boards. Currently I’m following New Zealand’s Department of Conservation and a lot of interesting trip ideas have already popped up! Careful with Pinterest though, it can be addicting!


Do you have any other methods to organize possible adventures?

Happy planning,

One response to “Organize Possible Adventures

  1. Can you share your map with a hyperlink here, I’m always looking for new ideas. One you should at to your map that is west of Jasper is Mt. Robson Provincial Park. It’s stunning.

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