Sand Mountain Recreation Area

Looking into the Super Bowl and Thanksgiving at Sand Mountain

Looking into the Super Bowl and Thanksgiving/Plaid-fest 2013

My family travels to Sand Mountain for Thanksgiving where we spend the holiday exploring the trails on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), speeding around on the sand, finding geocaches, and fighting over the last piece of pumpkin pie. Sand Mountain is nearly 600 feet tall, which may be intimidating to some, but there are riding options for all skill levels. You can venture to the top and ride in the super bowl (a giant bowl in the sand that you can circle at top speeds), stick to the lower and mellower dunes, or delve into the trail system that journeys into the high desert. I love visiting Sand Mountain, not only for the riding, but for the quality time spent with family and friends sitting around the fire, playing “lawn” games, and enjoying each other’s company. Another fun option – sandboarding. My brother and I turned our old snowboards into sandboards and tried boarding down the slopes. We still need some work…but let me tell you – if you sit on the boards like a sled, they FLY! On that note, I would recommend a helmet for both sandboarding and riding ATVs – safety first!

Activities: all-terrain vehicle riding, hiking, sandboarding, camping, exploring the Pony Express station, photography, geocaching
Location: Central Nevada on US 50, 25 miles east of Fallon
More Information:
Bureau of Land Management – Sand Mountain Recreation Area
Sand Mountain Trail Map
Dune Guide – Sand Mountain

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