In Need Of Topo Lines

No matter how hard I clicked the mouse button, conference registration refused to acknowledge my presence. It worked two minutes ago. Two minutes ago! Please explain to me, computer, what the <expletive> has changed in the last two <expletive> minutes?!

I had a bit of a frustrating day at work to say the least; I mostly blame technology. I’ll refrain from finger pointing beyond that. This left me feeling claustrophobic, both stuck behind my desk and in the flat lands surrounding me here in California’s Central Valley. I need fresh mountain air, cheeseburger birds taunting me from treetops, and my pack’s hip belt cinched around my waist. The mountains are calling and I must go!

Back to reality…my busy work schedule, my beloved trails covered in snow, and a weekend too far away. I must do something to stay my breathing and soothe my nerves before my claustrophobia turns into a panic attack. In other words, pull yourself together woman! Here’s my outdoor fix plan:

– Leading up to New Zealand I was swamped with trip preparation and work, something simply had to give – sadly it was my weekly blog post. After the trip I was playing catch up with work. Excuse, excuse, blah blah blah. I’m not sure I’ll get back to my weekly post, but November was entirely neglected and February had a measly two posts. I want to create posts that are useful or inspiring, not just because it’s Thursday (my old publishing day). I feel like I can accomplish that more than twice a month.

– Aspen’s adventure book had an exciting step in December when I got a printed draft. After getting a few folks and their kids to take a look for some feedback, Hiking With Aspen became buried under mail and books on my nightstand. Time to make those edits and get a final draft!

First official draft!

First official draft!

– For the past four years I’ve had the next section of the John Muir Trail to scheme over, but our grand finale was last summer. Now I’m feeling at a loss without my usual goal to look forward to. To the map box! We’re scheming a ladies trip that I am stoked about, but we need a pin point on a map! Plus Aspen and I need some serious trail time this summer. Nothing like topo lines to at least mentally take me out of the flat lands.

If you need us, we'll be in our maps! Some more literal than others.

If you need us, we’ll be in our maps! Some more literal than others…

What I would really love is a trail system right out our backdoor for Aspen and me to explore after work, but I need to stop wishing and make the best of what is here. So we shall find a good route here in town. Plus Aspen will start joining me at the dog-friendly rock climbing gym to get our adventure pup fix during the week.

Send Topo Lines,

4 responses to “In Need Of Topo Lines

    • Right?! Climbing and friendly dogs – unbeatable combo! The gym is Pipeworks in Sacramento, CA, but there must be more out there. Dogs aren’t allowed on the climbing floor, but it’s ringed by the area they can be. So I’ll have to bring a blanket for Aspen to lay on and she can take in the sights and meet fellow climbing pups!

  1. Cabin fever! Or, really chained to this desk fever. Blah. Personally I am super far behind on the blogs I wanted to write as well, but coming home to a nice night of computer after that all day isn’t always the most appealing.

    I can’t wait to see Aspen’s book! Next edition will be about a climber dog, right?

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