North Coast Scavenger Hunt

I spent last weekend on California’s North Coast for the National Association for Interpretation Region 9’s Spring Workshop. While I was in search of knowledge, I was also in search of a banana slug. I found many things, but sadly, the only banana slug I found was the slimiest roadkill I’ve ever seen. Probably didn’t need to post the photo…but it was the only proof I had.

North Coast imagesThe List

  • Pacific View – Being on the coast implies ocean views. Climb to the top of a bluff. Stand on the beach with sand between your toes. Take a moment to enjoy the vast Pacific.
  • Childhood Memories – My family spent most vacations in the mountains, but we ventured to the ocean from time to time. I remember exploring Fort Ross as a kid, so it was fun to walk down memory lane. It’s not as big as I remember though…
  • Highway 1 – You would have to put some real effort into visiting the North Coast without driving Highway 1, but I still put it on the list. Stop at a turn out before truly enjoying the view though.
  • Mosstache – This punny facial hair is a great photo opp.
  • Trail – Find one, hike on it.
  • Banana Slug – Hopefully your search is more successful than my flattened one…If you find a banana slug, give it a kiss for me and tell me if your lips go numb!

What’s on your North Coast scavenger hunt list?


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