Keen Targhee II: My Feet’s Happy Place

Please join me for a candlelit vigil for my original Keen Targhee IIs (Keens). However, after 198 miles of the John Muir Trail, joining the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail club, and countless weekend trips to the Sierras over three years it’s time to hang up these boots…and order a pair of the exact same boots!

Adventures of Keen Targhee

Here are the top five reason I love my Keens:

I. My favorite aspect is the roomie toe box. I absolutely love that there is space to wiggle all of my little piggies.

2. I could put these boots on straight out of the box and go for a backpacking trip because there is zero break-in period.

3. I don’t like heavy-duty hiking boots, but the Keens still have nice ankle support without the extra weight and bulk.

4. The Keen Dry membrane is indeed waterproof and breathable!

5. These boots have been with me on so many adventures that I’m tempted to take the laces out and put them in my new Keens so that at least part of my original pair can finish the John Muir Trail with me. That’s just me; I get attached to inanimate objects.

Miss you already!

2 responses to “Keen Targhee II: My Feet’s Happy Place

  1. Hi. I love reading your stories/adventures. I am interested in asking some questions about taking my dog on the JMT. I can’t seem to locate any real information. If you have a moment would love to ask a few questions via email. Thank you , DM (South Carolina)

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