Trails’ PSA: Don’t Carve On Trees

Tread Lightly has a clever campaign called Respected Access. This campaign has specific news, funding partners, accomplishments, and – my favorite – public service announcements (PSAs). These PSAs include the statement, “respected access is open access,” and primarily focuses on trigger trash and bullet holes. I thought I’d try my hand and this PSA business, let’s see how it goes.



3 responses to “Trails’ PSA: Don’t Carve On Trees

  1. Nice, I will definitely think twice before carving Basil’s name in a tree now… jk, you know I would never do that. But seriously, You always hear about the rate of breakups after “love” tattoos, I wonder what it is after graffiti? That is just not fair to the tree.

  2. Good point, we should conduct a survey! That reminds me of this little kid that told me how his sister was headed up to Water Canyon with a new guy every week (at this point I looked like a deer in the headlights because I didn’t know where he was going with this) to carve their initials in to a tree. You’d think one of these guys would notice a trend of initials…

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